Shooting Ourselves

Christine Cynn
2016 | 87 mins
Country of Production: Norway
Countries Featured: Germany, France
US Premiere | Director in Attendance
Sunday, October 16 | 5 pm | Program F22

Christine Cynn, co-director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary The Act of Killing, returns with a scathing examination of the arms trade, told through the personal stories of victims, soldiers, manufacturers, and activists from around the world. The conversation surrounding the weapons industry is too often relegated to the political and economic sphere—here, we meet real people and their interactions with weapons. The subjects turn the cameras on one another and themselves, engaging important questions about war, politics and the many unique human experiences that are deeply affected by a world in conflict. 

Co-Presented by the Goethe-Institut New York


Plays with The Silence of Nature

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“Films cannot be made without agendas. It’s dangerous, though still not unusual, for a filmmaker (or producer/distributor/broadcaster) to pretend she can provide a neutral “frame” of “the other..” The makers and their context are always implied in every frame, even when they are not literally “in the picture..” Likewise, no viewer should demand a frame without an agenda. We can, however, demand films with agendas that are transparent rather than opaque, and makers that allow for complexity and uncertainty rather than offer easy, palatable “answers” to deceptively simple questions. In my own work, I use the lens to explore the shifting boundaries between myself and others. I see a film as a reflection of human relations, a collective artifact shaped by a chaotic flow of feelings, intentions, and circumstance that swirl around and between those behind the lens, those in front of the lens, and those who watch. The best films bind us together through curiosity, empathy, the desire for intimacy, and allow us to emotionally perceive a collective flow with several degrees of separation from our ordinary, more isolated, sense of self.”

—Christine Cynn | Director, Shooting Ourselves