Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic


Corina Gamma
2015 | 70 mins
Country of Production: USA, Switzerland
Countries Featured: USA, Switzerland, Greenland
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance
Sunday, October 16 | 5 pm | Program F23

The concept of sila—a term that encompasses weather, balance, consciousness—frames a story in the world’s northernmost inhabited town of Greenland. Here, a tiny community of Inuit subsistence hunters and a team of polar scientists bear witness, in different ways, to the transforming environment. For the Inuit, drastic recent changes in weather patterns are spelling an end to their centuries-old way of life. As the international researchers track the effects of those changes on Greenland’s vast Inland Ice Cap and the far-reaching consequences they will have, the film weaves together distinct narratives to put a human face on a highly politicized issue. The specifically Greenlandic idea that weather acts as the conscience of nature informs a unique story at the frontlines of climate change. 

Co-presented by Imagine Science Film Festival and the Consulate General of Switzerland

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“Whenever you bring a person inside an image frame, you remove that person from a pure context. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to be fully objective. I was fully aware of that during the process of making this film. But during this journey, I realized that if the concept of “the other” was ever present, “the other” would have been me. As an artist, I put myself in both worlds, with the intention to emphasize the interconnections between cultures and their actions.”

—Corina Gamma | Director, Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic