Thiaroye by the Sea


Devin Thomas
2016 | 16 mins
Country of Production: USA
Country Featured: Senegal
US Premiere 
Saturday, October 15 | 8:30 pm | Program F28

A Senegalese woman living in the sprawl of Dakar pursues a career as a rapper against all odds. A generation ago, the culture reprimanded women for dancing, let alone freestyling. Footage from her music videos and stunning urban landscapes combine in the soft-spoken portrait Thiaroye by the Sea.

Plays with Yallah! Underground

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“In filmmaking it’s impossible to escape yourself. Perhaps that’s what’s so captivating, yet terrifying about documentary: it’s the creative treatment of life. It’s constructed. It’s interpreted. It expresses an experience. These things are inherently subjective. So I try to draw attention to the constructed nature of the product. I may never be able to escape having an agenda, but I want to shatter the notion that documentary is a window into reality. This is a movie. Yes, it has the power to magically transport you to another world, but throw out any ideas of purity: what you’re seeing is the product of an encounter.”

—Devin Thomas | Director, Thiaroye by the Sea