Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina
2015 | 80 mins
Country of Production: Spain
Countries Featured: Multiple
NY Premiere
Saturday, October 15 | 3 pm | Program F27

Borders—how they are defined and guarded, who crosses them and why—occupy a tremendous amount of space in the current geopolitical calculus. Journey to four borders and the physical walls that mark them: between Mexico and the U.S., Spain and Morocco, Israel and Palestine, South Africa and Zimbabwe. These walls embody in many ways the relationships between the countries they divide; for the human beings living on either side, they are both potent symbols and outsized influences on their everyday lives. 

Re:Frame, My Perspective

“Our film is not a film about walls. It is a film about people. We use the wall as a mirror. We decided since the beginning of the project that our visual approach was going to be extremely symmetric. We repeated the exact same compositions at both sides of different walls. Not only that, we intentionally filmed the same actions at both sides—drinking water, eating, walking. Then, during the editing, that helped us a lot: we showed that every wall is the same wall. We underlined that at both sides people have the same basic needs. We created sequences that make you thing about “in” and “out,” “us” and “them,” “me” and “the other..” We don’t have answers; we believe that making documentaries is about making the right questions. What kind of world are we building? We didn’t want to give an answer through a voice-over, we just showed real lives at both sides so you can take your own decision, based in a very basic fact: “me” and “the other” are just words to describe what you see at one or the other side of the mirror.”

—Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina | Directors, Walls