The Mead 2017 Films


Video Opening Night Film: Brimstone & Glory Once a year, an annual pyrotechnics festival erupts through the small city of Tultepec, Mexico, transforming it into a blaze of sparks... Video Almost Heaven In this heartfelt coming-of-age story, we follow the life of Ying Ling, a 17-year-old trainee at a funeral parlor in Changsha, China. Video Angry Inuk Sold out - Part expose and part personal essay, this investigation into Inuit seal hunting is a scathing critique of armchair activism. Video Babylon Dreamers (Hacholmimn Mibabylon) In one of the poorest neighborhoods in Israel, a group of immigrants form an internationally competitive breakdancing troupe. Video The Battle for Matheny Tract In California’s San Joaquin Valley, a community struggles to find a consistent source of clean, affordable water. Video The Block High in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, a stone block provides a rare spot of cell phone service and serves as the local “water cooler.” Video Brasília: Life After Design Sold out - Discover the capital of Brazil in this atmospheric tribute to the sights and sounds of Brasília—a unique, large-scale... Video Brexitannia This very first documentary on Brexit explores the furor that followed the vote and the deep cultural schisms that rose to the surface. Video Brothers (Bracia) Two elderly brothers, who escaped a Stalinist labor camp in the 1940s, can't escape eachother in their family home in rural Poland. Video Chains of Custody This story of the troubling abandonment of thousands of rape kits exposes broader issues of rape response in contemporary America. Video Chomo Buddhist nuns are now free to receive a prestigious degree previously reserved exclusively for monks, and they ponder the changes... Video The Cloud Forest (Bosque de Niebla) Witness a community’s singular quest for sustainable living in Mexico, set against stunning cloud forest landscapes and familiar... Video Dick Verdult – It Is True But Not Here Dick Verdult is a shape-shifting, multifaceted artist and musician, raised in Guatemala, trained in Paris, and residing in the Netherlands. Video Drawing from Memory More than 15,000 people disappeared during the internal armed conflict in Peru (1980–2000), and their loved ones demand justice. Programs and Events Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase In this special showcase we present five exciting ethnographic documentaries by emerging filmmakers. Video Four Faces of the Moon Follow a First Nations photographer as she travels into the past, reconnecting with her ancestry, in this Award-winning stop-motion... Video Gulîstan, Land of Roses In the mountains of Kurdistan, an all-female military regiment works to keep its territory safe from ISIS. Video Gun Runners Two Kenyan militiamen trade in their guns for sneakers and pursue the lifelong dream of becoming professional marathon runners. Video Honey, Rain & Dust Three honey experts in the United Arab Emirates wonder how long they can continue their work amid a rising honeybee crisis. Video House in the Fields Sold out - High in the mountains of Morocco, young women growing up in an agrarian community struggle with ambitions that exceed... Video Into Unknown Parts - Members of an Inuit community recount harrowing stories of being forced to go to a tuberculosis sanatorium thousands of miles from... Video Lady Eva (Leiti Eva) Sold out - Meet the irrepressible Eva Baron, a Tongan transgender woman and beauty-pageant contestant. Video Lonnie Holley: The Truth of the Dirt This vérité mid-length captures Lonnie Holley, self-taught Birmingham, Alabama, musician and visual artist, in all his unconventional... Video Special Presentation: Lunar Tribute Astronaut Charlie Duke describes in vivid detail the anticipation, sights, and sounds of his voyage to the Moon. Video Lust for Sight (La fureur de voir) An acclaimed director turns the camera on himself as he grapples with encroaching blindness. Video Marrimarrigun Learn the legend of Marrimarri, a giant spirit man who protects the ancestors of the Yawuru people of Western Australia. Video Ode to Fazil’s This film offers a tribute to Fazil’s, a legendary New York City dance studio that served as many dancers’ second home. Video The Opposition 3,000 Papua New Guinea residents fight to avoid being forcibly evicted as developers plan a five-star hotel and marina. Video Paa Joe & the Lion A struggling master coffin craftsman and his son from coastal Ghana are offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the U.K. Video Pixelating Holiness Follow West Virginian priest Father Jonah Campbell in his spirited mission to usher Christian iconography into the digital age. Video Poi E: The Story of Our Song Sold out - In 1984, a song called “Poi E” became a surprise hit, topping the New Zealand charts and setting in motion a resurgence... Video Pre-Crime Sci-fi creeps closer to reality as police use predictive software to preemptively target potential criminals. Video A Queer Country Sold out - Tel Aviv’s vibrant LGBT community seems to be at odds with legal structures that adhere strictly to the ideals of Orthodox... Video The Road Forward Gripping and genre-bending, this musical documentary explores First Nations activism yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Video Sacred Water A beloved and extravagant Rwandan radio host guides us through an ode to the female orgasm. Video Siberian Love Sold out - A Russian immigrant in Berlin returns home and observes her family’s age-old attitudes toward love and marriage with scorn... Video So Long Asleep: Waking the Ghosts of a War A Japanese priest leads a movement to excavate and repatriate the remains of Korean forced laborers who died on Japanese soil during... Video Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation An Iroquois Lacrosse team fights to be recognized as from a sovereign nation by the Federation of International Lacrosse—and succeeds. Video The Valley of Salt (La Vallée du Sel) Christophe Saber returns home to Cairo where his Christian parents receive death threats from the Muslim Brotherhood. Video We Don’t Need a Map An Indigenous symbol is appropriated by white Australians amid a rise of extremist nationalism.