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House in the Fields

Tala Hadid
2017 | 86 minutes
Countries of Production: Morocco, Qatar
Country Featured: Morocco
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance 

Meet Khadija, a 16-year-old Amazigh girl whose dreams that defy traditional roles. High in the mountains of Morocco, her community has maintained an agrarian existence for over a thousand years relatively undisturbed by globalization. Khadija aspires to be a judge, but is uncertain whether her male elders will permit such an ambitious path.

Co-presented by African Film Festival, Inc.

Activate: My Perspective

“A portrait of an individual is also a portrait of a family, of a community, of a people, and of a nation. In the remote and isolated farming communities of the High Atlas Mountains what is key is the social body of the “village.” And yet, within the heart of each person in this body politic, lie dreams and aspirations, fears and regrets. House in the Fields is at once a tableau of a community and an intimate portrait of individuals. During the course of six years of living with, observing, and filming this family and community a keen sense of time was awakened. For here in the High Atlas mountains time is felt differently than in the city. Here it is the landscape and nature that rule the ebb and flow of the lives of men and women. It is an experience of time that is grounded in the land and in the seasons. And here too, at the heart of the film, the relation and bond between two young sisters in the twilight of their childhood takes on a temporal quality, where past, present, and future co-exist and are then captured by the camera. And so, among other things, I hope that the film can awaken in viewers this awareness of the flux and mystery of time, and our place in it, whether it be in a remote village in the mountains of Southern Morocco, or in the center of a great metropolis like New York City.”

—  Tala Hadid | Director, House in the Fields