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Lust for Sight (La fureur de voir)

Manuel von Stürler
2017 | 86 minutes
Countries of Production: France, Switzerland
Countries Featured: France, Switzerland, Micronesia
US Premiere | Director in Attendance

What happens when a filmmaker loses his eyesight? Over the last five years award-winning documentarian Manuel von Sturler's vision has gradually faded and the reality of encroaching blindness has set in. Now, von Sturler turns the camera on himself and grapples with the loss of his most essential sense. 

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Co-presented by NYU Center for Disability StudiesReelAbilities Film Festival, and NBC News Mach

With support provided by the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York


Activate: My Perspective

“We open our eyes and the world appears, something trivial we use every day, at all times just as normal. Like me, you may have sight problems, maybe not, bless you! I have conducted a scientific, medical, and philosophical investigation to find out if I could only see part of reality because of my broken eyes; yes indeed, that’s what it is! I also discovered how broad the visual process is, how the brain works in fascinating ways using all our senses to see.  The fact that it has to dig resources in our past to be able to interpret the present is even more moving. Lust for sight could well put in question the certainties to see fully, but hopefully it will remind you that seeing is a wonderful and intimate pleasure, your dearest movie!”

—  Manuel von Stürler | Director, Lust for Sight