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The Cloud Forest (Bosque de Niebla)



Mónica Álvarez Franco
2016 | 91 minutes
Country of Production: Mexico
Country Featured: Mexico
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance

Sometimes, ordinary people can create extraordinary positive change. In a small community in the Mexican tropics, sixteen families redesign their lives to create an entirely self-sustaining and independent society, hoping to save their sacred and fog-laden land. The Cloud Forest weaves this community's singular quest with gorgeous scenes of their endangered surroundings.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

Activate: My Perspective

“I believe that The Cloud Forest, beyond being an environmental film, is a film that talks about other ways of relating: much more care, much more respect, much more loving between us humans and our environment. This is what has given me The Cloud Forest and today has become my own search.”

— Mónica Álvarez Franco | Director, The Cloud Forest