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Margaret Mead Film Festival 2018

About The Festival

The American Museum of Natural History's Margaret Mead Film Festival screens documentaries that increase our understanding of the complexity and diversity of the peoples and cultures that populate our planet. The Mead Festival has evolved with the times while maintaining its important history and has grown steadily to reflect the ever-evolving incarnations of storytelling, technology and growing access to communities near and far. The Mead Festival presents the best in documentary, experimental films, animation, hybrid works, and more.

This year's festival reflects stories of resilience–portraits of strength and action by people who are rising up, breaking new ground, and pushing their communities forward. Collectively, our new centerpiece, highlights work from community organizations that train and support Indigenous and other filmmakers in telling their own stories. Take the theme of resilience beyond traditional film to virtual reality, oral histories, and more in the Mixed Media Lounge and visit a provocative installation by contemporary Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas.

The Mead aims to connect viewers to cultures and communities around the world, creating empathy and understanding through visual media. Hundreds of filmmakers and scholars, thousands of moviegoers, and over 40 international nonfiction films and media converge over four thrilling days of screenings, conversations, and parties.

The 2018 Margaret Mead Film Festival was held October 18–21, 2018.