Eastern Memories

Co-presented with the 11th Imagine Science Film Festival

Niklas Kullström, Martti Kaartinen
2018 | 85 minutes
Country of Production: Finland
Countries Featured: China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea
US Premiere | Directors in Attendance 

From the Mongolian steppes to the diplomatic circles of Tokyo, Asia has seen rapid economic and social transformation in the last century. Narration drawn from the writings of a late-19th-century linguist create a provocative sense of contrast against scenes of contemporary life.

Co-presented by Asia Society, Consulate General of Finland, New York, Linguistics at The Graduate Center, CUNY, Explorers Club, and Mongolia Connections



Resilience in Motion | In Their Own Words

“In the time span of over a hundred years Mongolians have gone through three completely different kinds of societal systems, that each have nullified the previous one. The ardor that remains is deeply rooted in their immutable surroundings, binding together generation after generations.”

– Martti Kaartinen | Director, Eastern Memories

“We have a Finnish concept called “sisu”. It can be translated into grit, bravery, determination, or even resilience, and it’s something that embodies our national character. G. J. Ramstedt, our documentary hero, was infused with a great deal of ‘sisu.’ He came face to face with wars and death, loneliness, and years of separation from his family in the service of science and state. Still, he managed to keep up his spirits and push through, never giving up.”

– Niklas Kullström | Director, Eastern Memories