Sex Spirit Strength

Courtney Montour
2015 | 45 mins
Country of Production: Canada
Country Featured: Canada
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance

How does the legacy of colonialism trickle down through generations? Two indigenous youth in Canada share their personal stories of abuse and explore how these experiences shaped their struggles with gender identity and sexual health. After grappling with a history of trauma, Michael and Jake embrace resilience through their work in activism and filmmaking, transforming their feelings of isolation and alienation into a powerful sense of belonging.

A Q&A with director Courtney Montour follows the screening.

Co-presented by the Consulate General of Canada in New York

With generous support provided by the Québec Government Office in New York

Plays with Nuuca


Resilience in Motion | In Their Own Words

“Sexual health and gender identity are often taboo issues in Indigenous communities—for a multitude of reasons, including historical and ongoing systemic oppression. At Sex Spirit Strength's core are Michael and Jack, two candid Indigenous male youth who express perspectives on HIV and being transgender. They inspire me with their courage to embrace and share their lived experiences and their challenges, and for their compassion and work to support other youth.”

– Courtney Montour | Director, Sex Spirit Strength