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Tara's Footprint

A young boy stands at a colorful altar, looking elsewhere

Georgina Barreiro
2018 | 70 mins
Country of Production: Argentina
Country Featured: India
North American Premiere | Director in Attendance

Four young siblings find their place within their community, a sacred Buddhist village high in the Himalayas. This observational documentary, set in the stunning landscapes of the Sikkim region of India, takes the viewer on a journey to explore the push and pull between contemporary culture and the ongoing tradition of Buddhist practice.

A Q&A with director Georgina Barreiro follows the screening.

Co-presented by The Consulate General of Argentina in New York



Resilience in Motion | In Their Own Words

“Tara’s Footprint evokes the circle of life. The film explores death in its broadest sense—as a breach, as a transformation, as a passage.There’s a meaningful concept in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying that comes to my mind: Contemplating deeply on the secret message of impermanence—what lies in fact beyond impermanence and death—leads directly to the heart of the ancient and powerful Tibetan teachings, the introduction to the essential ‘nature of mind.’ I believe that a fundamental aspect of resilience lies in accepting impermanence.”

– Georgina Barreiro | Director, Tara's Footprint