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The Sign for Love

A father and his infant son sitting together, the father kissing the top of the child’s head as he looks beyond

Elad Cohen, Iris Ben Moshe
2017 | 75 mins
Country of Production: Israel
Country Featured: Israel
NY Premiere | Directors in Attendance

Director Elad Cohen grew up deaf and gay in a hearing family in Israel. He never felt at home, especially after his mother’s death. Fearing he won’t find a partner in their small deaf community, Cohen decides to have a baby—a hearing infant—with his best friend, Yaeli, who is also deaf. They raise the baby together, revealing the challenges of parenting and the ways that a child can repair a family.

A Q&A with director and protagonist Elad Cohen and director Iris Ben Moshe follow the screening.

Co-presented by ReelAbilities Film Festival, the NYU Center for Disability Studies, NewFest, and Jewish Deaf Resource Center

With generous support provided by the Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York

This film is captioned. 

Resilience in Motion | In Their Own Words

“I am deaf. People would say that everything I have achieved in my life is despite the fact that I do not hear, and it is a mistake. I have never heard. I’m deaf all my life and that’s what motivated me to be who I am today. I do not feel I’m missing something because of ‘hearing loss’ and  that's my  resilience”

– Elad Cohen | Director, The Sign for Love