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The Sound of Bells (O Som dos Sinos)

Marcia Mansur, Marina Thomé
2017 | 70 mins
Country of Production: Brazil
Country Featured: Brazil
US Premiere | Directors in Attendance

Church bells announce the time for work, rest, prayer, and celebration. But for the people of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the sound of bells transcends the everyday. As a group of young bell ringers develop a sense of pride in making their own sound reverberate through their town, we see how religious experience connects the community to something larger than themselves. 

A Q&A with filmmakers Marcia Mansur and Marina Thomé, moderated by Director of Documentary Educational Resources, Alice Apley, follows the screening.

audio description will be available for this film program

Audio Description is available for this screening.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical, Consulate General of Brazil in New York, and Documentary Educational Resources