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Virgin Blacktop

Two men on skateboards going through obstacles while onlookers watch intensely

Charlie Samuels
2018 | 84 mins
Country of Production: USA
Country and Culture Featured: USA
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance

In 1977, skateboarding was hardly considered a hobby in New York, let alone a lifestyle. As nine boys from towns around Nyack bond over their love of the sport, they discover their unique talent and form one of the best skateboarding crews on the East Coast. Over the ensuing forty years, they go their own ways while maintaining the connection that helped popularize skateboarding in New York.

A Q&A with director Charlie Samuels follows the screening.

Co-presented by Rooftop Films


Resilience in Motion | In Their Own Words

“As any skateboarder can tell you, it takes tremendous resilience to become really good at the sport. You have be willing to fall and get back up thousands of times. All nine stars of Virgin Blacktop: A New York Skate Odyssey are wonderful skateboarders, so they share that experience, but they are very different in race, age, and economic background. Most are in their 50s now. One is a corporate lawyer, one has been to jail and another has passed away. The film tells the story of how they found each other as kids, formed an early skateboard team, and became lifelong friends.”

– Charlie Samuels | Director, Virgin Blacktop