Whose Story Is It? Rethinking Cultural Representation in the Northwest Coast Hall

Wide shot of the Northwest Coast Hall, with several large-scale totem poles, as it looked in 2017.

POSTPONED–Due to illness of the curator, this program will be rescheduled for a later date


What place should cultural education have at a natural history museum? How can a museum in New York present the voices and stories of First Nations communities across the continent? What is the history of cultural representation in museums and where do we go from here? As the American Museum of Natural History restores its Northwest Coast Hall, these are questions at the core of the work. Delve into a conversation about the challenges and opportunities afforded by the restoration, including installation artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Executive Director of the Haida Gwaii Museum Nika Collison, and the American Museum of Natural History’s Curator of North American Ethnology Peter Whiteley and Vice President for Exhibition Lauri Halderman.