Antonio y Piti

Saturday, October 19

Directors: Vincent Carelli and Wewito Piyãko (Asháninka)
Producer: Vídeo nas Aldeias
2019 | 78 min | Brazil 
US Premiere | Filmmakers in Attendance

Thirty years ago, a rubber company enslaved a group of Asháninka people, manipulating them into tapping the trees in the lush borderland between Peru and Brazil. The company was expelled by a coalition of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, led by one mixed race couple. Now the adult children of this marriage combat political corruption and ongoing environmental disaster.

Join us for a Q&A with filmmakers Vincent Carelli, Wewito Piyãko, and Murat Eyuboglu after the screening!


Plays with Land, Water, Life (Kipatsi, Nija, Añaatsi)