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Border South

Friday, October 18

Director: Raúl O. Paz Pastrana
Producers: Jason De León, Cecilia Girón Pérez, Raúl O. Paz Pastrana
2019 | 83 min | Guatemala, Mexico, USA
NY Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance

Through a blend of visual anthropology and cinema verité, discover the story of the migrants along the 2,300-mile-long “train north” through Central America. Anthropologist Jason De León follows the trail to understand what happens to the migrants who attempt the journey. He collects decaying artifacts lost along the way, allowing him to piece together the difficult lives of his subjects, and offering glimpses of the violence of the culture of immigration along the southwestern U.S. border.

Join us for a Q&A with filmmaker Raúl O. Paz Pastrana after the screening!