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Collectively at the Mead: Appalshop

Saturday, October 19

three shots parallel to one another, on each side a black and white photo of a man, and in the middle a child filming

Based in eastern Kentucky, Appalshop has been “making media in the mountains since 1969.” Through community organization and arts education, Appalshop celebrates cultural diversity, supports social and economic change, challenges stereotypes, and documents rural and Appalachian America.

Join us for a Q&A with filmmakers Elizabeth Barret and Mimi Pickering after the screening!

Stranger with a Camera
Director: Elizabeth Barret
2000 | 61 min | USA
Filmmaker in Attendance

An Appalachian filmmaker examines the relationship between media-makers and the communities they portray in their work.

Co-presented by Rooftop Films 

Evelyn Williams
Director: Anne Lewis
Producer: Anne Lewis
1995 | 27 min | USA 

Evelyn Williams, now in her 80s, fights to protect eastern Kentucky from oil and gas drilling.

Not A Daughter
Director: Oakley Fugate
Producer: Oakley Fugate
2016 | 16 min | USA 

Though he was once certain he would not survive his 18th birthday, a young trans boy in Kentucky tells his story of self-acceptance.

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.