Miguelito - Canto A Borinquen

Sunday, October 20

Young boy holds guitar, two women sing in background.

Director: Sam Zubrycki
Producer: Sam Zubrycki
2019 | 94 min | Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia | Australia, Colombia  
US Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance

What happened to Miguelito? After the 11-year-old Puerto Rican salsero played Madison Square Garden in 1972, he and his whole family disappeared from New York City. Now, legendary producer Harvey Averne is anxious to rediscover both Miguelito and the sound of early 70s New York salsa scene. Experience the lively world of Puerto Rican music as the mystery of an 11-year-old salsero’s disappearance unfolds. 

Join us for a Q&A with filmmaker Sam Zubrycki after the screening!