Saudi Women’s Driving School

Saturday, October 19

women sitting in driving seat of car wearing helmet.

Director: Erica Gornall
Producers: Nick London, Executive Producer: Fiona Stourton, Executive
Producer for HBO: Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller, Senior Producer for HBO: Sara Rodriguez
2019 | 60 min | Saudi Arabia | United Kingdom 
NY Premiere | Protagonist in Attendance | Producers in Attendance 

For many Americans, getting a driver’s license is a mundane rite of passage. But for women in Saudi Arabia, who were only allowed to drive legally starting in June 2018, it’s a critical step along the road to independence. Cameras document this change with a rarely-seen look inside the Kingdom and unprecedented access to The Saudi Women’s Driving School, the largest such complex in the world.

Join us for a Q&A with producers Fiona Stourton and Nick London after the screening!