The Guardian of Memory (El Guardián de la Memoria)

Friday, October 18

A variety of objects including glasses, kitchen utensils, flatware, etc. are lined up neatly on a beach.

Director: Marcela Arteaga
Producer: Fabián Hofman
2019 | 93 min | Mexico, USA
US Premiere | ­­Filmmaker in Attendance

Stunning, quiet landscapes from Mexico’s Juarez Valley are juxtaposed with horrifying, intimate tales of mass murder. In 2008, the Mexican government sent an army to the rugged border region, ostensibly to fight drug trafficking. As locals from Juarez and Chihuahua tearfully recount the stories of their murdered or disappeared children, parents, and siblings, a Texas-based lawyer argues asylum seekers from the area are victims of a genocide. 

Join us for a Q&A with filmmaker Marcela Arteaga and protagonist Carlos Spector after the screening!

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical and the Hispanic Federation.

With generous support provided by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.