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Sweet Dreams

Clementine leads drummers[2]_2

Rob and Lisa Fruchtman
2012 | 89 mins | Rwanda, USA

Powerful sounds pierce the silence of the Rwandan countryside. Curious children gawk outside the gate. This is something new in Rwanda—a group of women, 60 strong, pounding out rhythms of power and joy. They are Ingoma Nshya, Rwanda's first and only women's drumming troupe, open to women from both sides of the conflict in which close to a million were killed by neighbors, friends, and even family. When, with the help of Brooklyn ice cream purveyors, the troupe decides to open the country’s first ice cream shop, this spirited film evolves into a surprising and joyful tale of courage, ingenuity, and hope in the face of the unthinkable. Sweet Dreams follows this remarkable group of women as they emerge from the devastation of the genocide to create a new future for themselves.

Co-presented by Museum for African Art

Free ice cream for all ticketholders at this screening from Brooklyn’s Blue Marble Ice Cream

This program will be preceded by a drumming event with Universal African Dance and Drummers in the Hall of Birds of the World at 4 pm. 

Whose Story Is It?

"Sweet Dreams is a story about drumming and ice cream, and Rwanda, of course. But the real story of the film - the voice - is that of the women who so bravely joined a drumming circle and put their faith in a new idea. We needed to step aside and let their voices carry the film wherever it was headed."

- Rob and Lisa Fruchtman | Director, Sweet Dreams