18 Days in Egypt

An interactive documentary project that uses video, photos, & other personal media created by Egyptians to tell the story of the revolution.


Bad Weather

A tiny island in the Bay of Bengal is notable for 2 reasons: it is sinking into the sea, and is populated almost entirely by sex workers.


Bay of All Saints

An intimate portrait of the last of the water slums in Salvador, Brazil, facing demolition in the name of environmental conservation.


Bury the Hatchet

Three Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans offer a window onto a vibrant segment of the city’s African American community.

Winter Buzkashi_2


The rivalries and political intrigues of Tajikistan’s polo-like favorite sport open an intriguing window on this former Soviet republic.

Children of Srikandi 1

Children of Srikandi

This first film by and about queer Indonesian women features eight poetic shorts interwoven with the story of Srikandi of the Mahabharata.


George Stoney Tribute: How the Myth Was Made

Our tribute to the beloved documentarian and educator George Stoney, who passed away earlier this year, engenders a lively discussion about truth, fiction, and the impact of documentary filmmaking on its subjects. 



A captivating look at the tradition of Grab Day, a community-wide prayer of abundance, thanks, and renewal among Laguna Pueblo Indians.

Himself He Cooks 1

Himself He Cooks

The stunning visuals of the preparation of 50,000 free meals a day served in the Golden Temple in Amritsar offer insights into the meaning of charity and philanthropy.