Meanwhile in Mamelodi

Benjamin Kahlmeyer
2011 | 74 mins | South Africa, Germany
New York Premiere 

Welcome to the “shack side”—Extension 11, one of the many districts in the township of Mamelodi in Pretoria, South Africa: no running water, no paved roads, no electricity. With the 2010 World Cup as a backdrop, this is the setting for the story of the Mtsweni family—led by father Steven and his 17-year-old daughter Moskito—as they maintain the small kiosk that sustains them, shouldering poverty, illness, and the general daily challenges to survival. Meanwhile in Mamelodi is a heartfelt, difficult, and ultimately uplifting portrait of one family’s dreams and disappointments, complete with teenage problems, business stress, and larger questions of hope and despair in modern South Africa.

Co-presented by Museum for African Art