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Allan Baldwin: In Frame

This loving examination of the photographer-turned-historian Allan Baldwin’s extraordinary work on traditional Maori tattoos is part historical document, part tribute to some of the last practitioners of a dying traditional art form.

alto do minho 1

Alto do Minho

SOLD OUT - The rich cultural heritage of this mountainous region of Northern Portugal comes to life through a vibrant montage of festivals and rituals.


And Who Taught You to Drive?

Three people’s humorous attempts to get foreign drivers licenses create a sly, warmhearted exploration of cultural difference and acceptance.


As Time Goes By in Shanghai

As Time Goes By in Shanghai captures a city and a country in flux through the eyes of these musicians, presenting unique insight into Chinese history as it celebrates the vital power of music.


The Barrel (El Galón)

Venezuela’s oil industry takes 832,000 barrels per day from Maracaibo Lake; and 13-year-old Luis just wants a used one so he can build a boat.


The Beautiful Game

Six diverse and dynamic stories from across the continent reveal the power of soccer in African culture to unite, uplift, heal—and corrupt.

black out_1

Black Out

An evocative portrait of children in Guinea, 80% of whom live without electricity, who travel miles each night to find light to study by.


Calle López

Life on bustling Calle López in historic downtown Mexico City is a microcosm of Mexican society in this stunning work of visual poetry.


"Cannibal Tours"

When tourists journey to the furthest reaches of Papua New Guinea, is it the tribespeople or the white visitors who are the cultural oddity?



An intense exploration of modern Chinese identity is told through the parallel stories of a rising photography star and an aging pop-art icon.