28 Up 1000-2

28 Up South Africa

Diverse stories of young South Africans illuminate the tumultuous cultural and political history of the country since the end of apartheid.  


A Correspondence

Sold out - A story of love across distance during troubled times for Iranians in post-war Europe told via photographs, letters, and archival footage.

Person outdoors wearing a jacket with hood up and gloves, pulling a line taut. Diffuse sunlight, hill and tree in background.


Sold out - The Kaurna people of South Australia were pronounced extinct in 1931 but, almost a century later, a cultural and linguistic revival is underway, thanks to Jack Buckskin.


Can't Stop the Water

Sold out - Rising seas threaten a Native American Cajun community’s way of life on the Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, home that it has occupied for 170 years.


Cast In India

A glimpse into the lives of men in Indian factories who forge the ubiquitous bits of street life New Yorkers step on daily: manhole covers!


Dr. Sarmast’s Music School

Sold out - Is there a place for art in a conflict zone? Dr. Sarmast’s Music School tells the remarkable story of Afghanistan’s first Institute of Music.


Elevator (Elevador)

Sold out - A poetic trek up and down Mexico City’s oldest apartment complex, where the elevator operators are spectators, guardians and confidantes.


Flor de Toloache

In a New York City subway station, a dazzlingly dressed all-female mariachi band brings the platform to life.


Robert Gardner Tribute

Sold Out - In honor of preeminent filmmaker Robert Gardner, who died on June 21, 2014, this year’s retrospective screening will feature Gardner’s iconic ethnographic film Dead Birds (1964, 85 min) and screen the New York premiere of Gardner’s last film, Dead Birds Re-encountered (2013, 46 min).

h2omx_web 2


Sold Out - H2O MX examines the daily issues Mexico City faces managing its water, reminding us that sustainability is deeply linked to social justice.

Happiness Website-1


As TV and the Internet come to rural Bhutan, a young monk’s trip to the capital becomes a bittersweet meditation on technological progress.

Hi-Ho Website-1

Hi-Ho Mistahey!

The latest film by the legendary Alanis Obomsawin chronicles Cree teenager Shannen Koostachin and her Shannen’s Dream campaign for First Nations youth.


How a People Live

The Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw First Nation, forcibly relocated from British Columbia in 1964, exhibit remarkable strength in the face of hardship.

Invitation to Dance_web 2

Invitation to Dance

Simi Linton sets out on a lifelong quest to offer disabled Americans “equality, justice, and a place on the dance floor!"



Sold Out - A film about Indonesia, street music, love, prison, politics, sex, corruption, rice fields, globalization and heartache!



Turkish soap operas have taken the Middle East by storm, becoming an international export and inspiring a cultural shift to the left.

Laal Pari-film still1

Laal Pari

An illiterate village council woman in rural India champions safety and equal rights for women in the face of institutionalized misogyny.


Let's Get the Rhythm

Through wars and migrations, across language barriers and oceans, young girls connect through thousands of different hand-clapping games.


Little White Lie

As a teenager from a Jewish family in New York, Lacey Schwartz begins to piece together a big family secret, and her own racial identity.

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Living Quechua

A Brooklyn Peruvian woman’s mission to connect speakers of her native Quechua reveals NYC as a bubbling crockpot of linguistic diversity.

Phung Website-2

Madame Phung's Last Journey

Sold out - Madame Phung’s Last Journey follows a troupe of Vietnamese cross-dressing singers on their journey through the country’s back roads for a year.


My Prairie Home

Transgender musician Rae Spoon is a deeply soulful individual whose story is at once unique and speaks to the universality of human experience.

Remembering Yayayi-1000-3

Remembering Yayayi

Sold out - The lifestyles of a remote aboriginal community are explored through a combination of archival footage and modern-day remembrances.


Santa Cruz del Islote

Isolated and peaceful, the world’s most densely populated island is increasingly dependent on the Colombian mainland as the environment changes and sea level rises.


Seeds of Time

An agriculturalist races against time from Rome to Russia to the Arctic Circle to save the one resource we cannot live without: our seeds.

SEPIDEH Website-1

Sepideh—Reaching for the Stars

When Iranian teenager Sepideh discovers an interest in astronomy, she must reconcile her family lifestyle with her professional aspirations.


Soul Food Stories

Aging members of an all-male social club in a Bulgarian village argue about women’s rights, homosexuality, and other modern surprises.



In the industrial town of Port Kembla, a community center embarks on a noble and atypical quest: to serve the townspeople with a not-for-profit funeral service.

Image of a woman sitting on a bed from film The Darkside, 2014 Mead film

The Darkside

Warwick Thornton’s stunning documentary hybrid gathers indigenous ghost stories from across Australia and sets them elegantly to film.


The Last Patrol

Opening Night - Affecting follow-up to Restrepo, about the director’s year spent embedded in Afghanistan, exploring war’s lasting impact on combat vets.


The Return

Four Polish women raised Catholic set out to become strong, dynamic Jewish leaders, faced with the unique task of building an identity in a vacuum.

Woman speaking and gesticulating in front of a canal.

The Venice Syndrome

Sold out - The story of a bastion of culture sinking under the weight of millions of tourists, giving voice to the rapidly vanishing local population.



Devastating effects of retreating ice in Greenland and rising seas in the Pacific frame an elegantly conceived climate-change cautionary tale.

Young boy, pen in hand and notebook in lap, sits on the floor leaning against a wall.

Under the Palace Wall

The juxtaposition of a palace turned luxury hotel and the school beneath its walls creates an eloquent portrait of life in an Indian village.

Vultures of Tibet1000-2

Vultures of Tibet

The sacred funeral tradition of Sky Burial reveals the tourism and commercialization of culture in Tibet.


Walking Under Water

Sold out - A fisherman whose ancestors lived almost exclusively on the water provides a window into the disappearing culture of the Badjao people.

wheregodlikestobe Website-2

Where God Likes to Be

Sold out - A lyrical, evocative exploration of three young lives on the Blackfeet Indian reservation reveals what it means to be Native American today.



Through Peru’s social and economic struggles, through rugged mountains and idyllic rain forests, the human musical spirit remains constant.