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A musician and cocoa farmer in a small Afro-Venezuelan village becomes a source of inspiration far and wide.

Young person at the edge of the pool, with arms resting on wall.

Best and Most Beautiful Things

Meet Michelle Smith, a bold 20-year-old woman—both blind and autistic— paving her own way in a small New England town. 


Casa Blanca

A young Cuban man with Down syndrome grapples with new responsibilities when his mother falls ill.


Damiana Kryygi

Activists fight to provide a proper burial for a young Aché girl who was kidnapped by white settlers in Paraguay in the 19th century.


A Different American Dream

 The shale oil industry booms on Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota, and tribal leaders fight to save their land and society.



Enter the daily lives and relationships of Tibetan nomads as they struggle with the pressures of modernization and climate change. 

Nighttime cityscape with fireworks

Famous in Ahmedabad

11-year-old Zaid and his group of friends stir up excitement—and a little trouble—during the Kite Festival in Ahmedabad.


Farewell Ferris Wheel

Mexican workers in the U.S. carnival industry weigh opportunity vs. exploitation as they navigate a controversial visa system. 


Fishermen Without a Sea

Rio de Janeiro’s fishermen and environmentalists try to maintain their way of life in the face of severe environmental degradation.


A Flickering Truth

A small entourage of brave Afghan cinephiles has preserved thousands of hours of this beloved cultural legacy



A brass band from Benin takes a spiritual journey to Lagos, homeland of Afrobeat, and connects with ideals of contemporary pan-Africanism.

Crowd of people standing outdoors, daytime or early evening, smiling, looking at something to left of camera. All in tee or sleeveless shirts.


Adults relive their summer-camp experiences and rediscover their identity without cell phones.


Haka Practice

Journey into a rehearsal of a Māori rite as performed by a New Zealand rugby team.



Vivid and relatable stories of families caught in the crosshairs of our national debate on immigration policy


Island to Island

Two men in New York are initiated as kahu oli, caretakers of an ancient Hawaiian chant tradition.


J.C. Abbey, Ghana’s Puppeteer

Ghanaian polymath J.C. Abbey has a singular 50-year career of music-making and puppet-making, chronicling the music of his homeland.


Kolwezi on Air

A TV station in the Democratic Republic of Congo takes great risks to tell critical local stories.


The Love Industry

A ghostwriter of online dating profiles and a wedding videographer reflect on romance in the digital age.


Mele Murals

Two renowned Hawaiian graffiti artists follow different paths back to their cultural roots.

Nagarjuna Art School 133x98

Nagarjuna Art School

A former Buddhist monk with revolutionary ideas builds a school for Tibetan Thangka art.



Experience the way of life of yak herders on the Mongolian steppes, Maasai in Kenya, and Bajau sea nomads living off the coast of Borneo as they move from place to place across their ancestral territories.



Delve into the art of the Petyarre sisters and see their vibrant paintings come to life. 

Man with facial tattoos and wearing suit, tie, and hat stands near red-bricked buildings.

The Price of Peace

The riveting case of an Indigenous activist embodies the conflict between Māori communities and the New Zealand government.


The Queen of Coney Island

In a six-minute splash of imagery and interview, Monica tells her story of selling goldfish for 45 years at a colorful Coney Island shop.



A beautiful and nuanced perspective on the transformation of the world’s largest salt flat, in Bolivia, after the discovery of lithium reserves under the salt.


Seven Songs for a Long Life

Meet patients at a hospice in Scotland who share the stories and feelings of their last days through song and film.


Shooting Ourselves

Uncover the story of the arms trade through the lens of real people and their interactions with weapons. 


The Silence of Nature

The video diary of a teenage Syrian refugee pays tribute to the restorative power of the outdoors.

Woman in sunglasses and headscarf sits in front of a decaying wall.

Thiaroye by the Sea

 A Senegalese woman, living in the sprawl of Dakar, pursues a career as a rapper against all odds.


Train to Adulthood

Follow three teens who seek refuge in the community provided by a railway in Hungary operated entirely by youth.



Four international borders illuminate ubiquitous and contentious geopolitical issues between neighboring countries.


A Wife Among Wives

Recently digitally remastered in Turkana with English subtitles, a beautiful and influential film of renowned filmmakers David and Judith MacDougall. 


Yallah! Underground

Journey into the musical subculture of the Middle East during the Arab Spring.


Zach’s Ceremony

An Indigenous Australian boy preparing for an initiation to manhood struggles to find his identity.


Zapatista Chronicle

Women play a crucial role in one of history’s most successful revolutionary experiments.