In Procedure

Jiska Rickels
2016 | 58 minutes
Country of Production: Netherlands
Countries Featured: Netherlands, Syria  
US Premiere | Director in Attendance 

Bureaucracy begets heartbreak in this intimate story about Syrian refugees in the Netherlands. Hassan hopes to save his family from civil war, but the asylum procedure is filled with red tape, and each passing day is filled with anxiety about his seriously ill daughter back home. As he waits and waits, he begins to doubt the decision to leave his family behind. 

Co-presented by Human Rights Watch Film Festival


Festival Theme: Activate: My Perspective

“The documentary In Procedure is the result of my work as a volunteer in a emergency shelter for refugees in the Netherlands. The stories I heard from the people I met there created a strong feeling of compassion and the will to share their stories. To take away the fear for refugees and to show, in an intimate and personal way, the reason why people like Hassan have to leave everything behind. If we overcome our fear of the unknown, we will discover that we have a lot in common. At the end we all have the same needs, we all search for a safe life for ourselves and our children. I hope this film can contribute to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures.” 

—  Jiska Rickels | Director, In Procedure