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Angry Inuk



Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (Inuk)
2016 | 85 mins
Country of Production: Canada
Countries and Culture Featured: Canada, Inuk, Belgium

Part expose and part personal essay, Angry Inuk is a scathing critique of armchair activism. To many Westerners, seal-hunting is considered immoral--but to many Inuit families, seals are an essential source of food and clothing. Recent protests and bans on seal hunting have brought widespread economic hardship, and Inuk filmmaker Alethea Aranquq-Baril tells the story of her Baffin Island hometown amid the conflict. 

Plays with Into Unknown Parts

Activate: My Perspective

“What I hope to activate with my film: A shift in animal and environmental movements to recognize the significant contribution of indigenous peoples to both issues, recognition that although we don’t have the most money, we are both the first and last line of defense. What it has activated in me: Activism. Previously I was an artist, and working on this film has turned me into an artist who is also an unapologetic activist. Polite. Respectful. But an activist to be sure.”

—  Alethea Arnaquq-Baril | Director, Angry Inuk