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Babylon Dreamers (Hacholmimn Mibabylon)

A group of breakdancers in front of a wall of graffiti

Roman Shumunov
2016 | 87 minutes
Country of Production: Israel
Country Featured: Israel
US Premiere | Director & Protagonists in Attendance 

Headspins, windmills, and b-boying: a group of immigrants from the former Soviet Union form a breakdancing troupe in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Israel. They dream of competing in the International Breakdancing Competition in Germany, but the road is paved with hardship and crisis. Lacking an instructor, they learn moves from videotapes and move one step closer to their goal.

Co-presented by Dance Films Association and Other Israel Film Festival

With support provided the Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New Yorkseparator


Activate: My Perspective

“I made this film because I couldn’t stand the fact that sometimes people stay transparent in the society. In our world, thousands of young people, all from marginalized areas surrounded by poverty and helplessness, are fighting to survive—not just in the obvious physical way, but mostly it is a moral and mental fight. I hope to raise awareness for the situation and circumstances faced by those young people in order that their story won’t stay as invisible to the world as they are. This movie is my message to man.”

—  Roman Shumunov | Director, Babylon Dreamers