Maayan Arad
2017 | 42 minutes
Country of Production: United Kingdom
Country Featured: India
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance 

Activism isn’t always loud. At a nunnery in the Himalayas, a young woman named Chomo fills her days with meditation and study, hoping to emulate the first class of senior nuns to receive the prestigious Geshema degree. This quiet portrait contemplates a fairer future for women in her field.

Co-presented by the Asia Society

Plays with Pixelating Holiness

Activate: My Perspective

“Chomo shows that there are powerful voices in quiet places. I hope that the film and the people in it would resonate with the audience because of their own perception and experience. I also hope that it would make people reflect on their own journey and how far they are willing to go to achieve their dreams, their rights, and more equality in their community. One thing I took from the process of making this film, very much inspired by the people we met, is that little gestures of kindness can go very far.”

—  Maayan Arad | Director, Chomo