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Honey, Rain & Dust

person in a mask standing in front of a mountain

Nujoom Alghanem
2016 | 86 minutes
Country of Production: United Arab Emirates
Country Featured: United Arab Emirates
North American Premiere | Director and Producer in Attendance

Aisha, Fatima, and Ghareeb are three of the United Arab Emirates’ leading experts on honey. Follow their work in the mountains against the backdrop of a rising honey crisis as bee colonies cope with climate change and the ensuing survival challenges. Unwittingly, the lives of these three people have become predicated on a very fragile species, and they begin to wonder how long they will be able to continue their work.

Co-presented by the Imagine Science Film FestivalAndrew’s Honey, and New York City Beekeepers Association


Activate: My Perspective 

“At the beginning of my research I tried to focus on the anthropological aspects of how the women and men of the Northern Emirates make a living out of beekeeping and/or honey hunting. However, I discovered that the environmental challenges and impact of climate changes on both people and bees are more serious issues than documenting the work process. Not only that but it was fascinating to see how people and bees have a balanced and harmonious ritualistic relation. They both survive in peacefulness and are both victims of the external forces. Overall I would love for the audience to experience this unknown part of the UAE and find its people and its bees as inspiring as I did.” 

—   Nujoom Alghanem | Director, Honey, Rain & Dust