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Lonnie Holley: The Truth of the Dirt

people watching man with created objects

Marco Williams
2017 | 30 minutes
Country of Production: USA
Country Featured: USA
US Premiere | Director in Attendance

Lonnie Holley is a self-taught musician and visual artist from Birmingham, Alabama. The seventh of 27 children, he tells the infamous family story of being traded for a bottle of whiskey at age four. Now he is an insatiable creator—to walk with him is to stop and start as he collects items along his path and imagines ways they can be recombined and re-contextualized. This vérité short captures Holley in all his unconventional brilliance.

Plays with Dick Verdult – It is True but Not Here

Activate: My Perspective

“What we (Danielle Beverly, the Co-Producer and I) hope to activate in audiences who watch Lonnie Holley: The Truth of the Dirt is what Lonnie activated in us—shifting one’s perception of what is art, of what is creativity, and what is beautiful. In the film, and in every waking moment in his life, Lonnie demonstrates that anything and everything holds the possibility for creativity and to be beautiful.”

— Marco Williams, Lonnie Holley: The Truth of the Dirt