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two individuals standing on a beach

Kimberley West (Yawuru)
2017 | 13 minutes
Country of Production: Australia
Country and Culture Featured: Australia, Yawuru
US Premiere | Director, Producer, and Protagonists in Attendance

Learn the legend of Marrimarri, a giant spirit man who protects the ancestors of the Yawuru people of Western Australia. In this beautiful short film, two young men were hunting when tides ripped them from land onto a deserted island. Their families mourned their deaths, but they were saved by Marrimarri and his daughters. After a spiritual journey, the two men and Marrimarri’s daughters go to the mainland where the Yawuru people are born.

Plays with We Don’t Need a Map

Activate: My Perspective

“I want to activate an understanding of the oldest living culture in the world and respect for the indigenous people keeping it alive. This film has activated a sense of pride to be a part of sharing this story and working towards this understanding.”

— Kimberley West | Director, Marrimarrigun