Ode to Fazil’s

Marcel Rosa-Salas
2017 | 18 minutes
Country of Production: USA
Country Featured: USA
Director in Attendance

On 8th Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets in Manhattan, a worn-down tenement building was once home to Fazil’s Studio, a legendary dance rehearsal space. Many of the world’s great companies, along with up-and-comers, worked and sweated through their choreography in its halls. Marcel Rosa-Salas, the daughter of a flamenco dancer, considered it a second home. Ode to Fazil’s is a touching tribute to an iconic monument of New York City dance.   

This screening is part of the Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase and will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, and anthropologist Dr. Faye Ginsburg and documentary instructor Dr. Pegi Vail of the New York University Center for Media, Culture and History.

Activate: My Perspective 

“I hope that my documentary activates within viewers a desire to preserve and honor grassroots performing arts spaces in New York City, and realize that it is places such as these that contribute to the vitality of the city as a whole. The making of this film has activated in me a deep appreciation of and pride in my New York City upbringing, and a commitment to keep the memory of iconic artist spaces alive.” 

—  Marcel Aurea Salas | Director, Ode to Fazil’s