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Pixelating Holiness

two stands of flowers in front of a painted wall

Sarah Riccardi-Swartz
2017 | 16 minutes
Country of Production: USA
Country Featured: USA
US Premiere | Director in Attendance

How do you modernize Russian Orthodoxy through megapixels? Iconography and sacred art have developed alongside Christianity since its beginnings; paintings, sculptures, and stained glass representing biblical themes have been repeatedly reimagined to suit the times. Now, West Virginia priest Father Jonah Campbell is ushering iconography into the digital age with computer-generated sacred icons. 

Plays with Chomo

Activate: My Perspective

“I hope my film will activate viewers to think critically about the ever-evolving relationship between media and religion. For me, the process of creating a film about the digital reproduction of Russian Orthodox icons has not only activated philosophical questions about the digitization of the divine, the materiality of the sacred, and the transformation of ancient art practices, it has also brought to the fore what the creation of digital religious art might mean for the political and financial economy of a growing Orthodox community in Appalachia.”

— Sarah Riccardi-Swartz | Director, Pixelating Holiness