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Matthias Heeder & Monika Hielscher
2017 | 88 minutes
Country of of Production: Germany
Countries Featured: USA, France, United Kingdom
NY Premiere
Director in Attendance

Sci-fi inches closer to reality in this unsettling echo of Phillip K. Dick's "The Minority Report." Dick envisioned a future policing system in which suspects are arrested preemptively based on predictive technology–now the internet offers police unprecedented access to citizens' criminal records, mental-health records, and social-media activity. What are the perils of ubiquitous surveillance, amplified by new technologies, for our justice system? 

With support provided by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany New York

Co-presented by NBC News MACH

Activate: My Perspective

“We pretty much aim to unfold future control of society by algorithmic prediction rolled out in our present. Just open your eyes and wonder. That’s what Pre-Crime is about. What it activated in us? To be even more distrustful of the promise of security through smart technologies. Think outside of the box and ride the tiger.”

—  Matthias Heeder and Monika Hielscher | Director, Pre-Crime