Siberian Love

Olga Delane
2016 | 82 minutes
Countries of Production: Germany, Russia
Country Featured: Russia
US Premiere | Director in Attendance

How do we reconcile who we are with where we came from? At age 16, Olga Delane moved from her family’s small Siberian village to Berlin. Twenty years later, she returns home as a single woman and is forced to confront the cultural differences between her upbringing and those of her current Western community. Back home, age-old attitudes toward love and marriage run deep. Despite her initial distaste for these values, Olga calls into question her own preconceptions about love.

Co-presented by The Harriman Institute and New York University Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia 

Plays with The Block


Activate: My Perspective

“My quite easy answer to your question lies in the first shot of the film and in the last.There we see a close-up of a person, which means seeing ourselves, a self-directed picture, an ‘I’- position."The last shot is 100 percent opposite of the first one—we look wide out over ourselves. There is no more ‘I’- position." And this is the head message of the film and this is what the film has taught me.”

—  Olga Delane | Director, Siberian Love