Special Presentation: Lunar Tribute

Robert Lewis
2017 | 40 minutes
Country of Production: Switzerland
Country Featured: USA
World Premiere | Director and Protagonist in Attendance

In April 1972, aboard the Apollo 16 mission, astronaut Charlie Duke became the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon. Duke describes the anticipation, sights, and sounds of his outer-space voyage in vivid detail—from the emotional impact of seeing Earth from space to the physical impact of zero-gravity life. Interviews are intercut with propulsive and captivating footage of drummer Jojo Mayer, echoing the thrill of travel through the cosmos.

This screening will be accompanied by a conversation with Charlie Duke, filmmaker Robert Lewis, drummer Jojo Mayer, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium. 

Co-presented by NBC News MACH

Activate: My Perspective

“I want my audience to look at the moon and see past its cratered surface, to feel a subconscious connection with the mystery of our universe and a very real connection with those pioneers who left their families back on Mother Earth, risking all to explore this new frontier. For me as a photographer this was a voyage of discovery, where moving forward meant shedding inhibitions, having enough faith in the project and my work to continually take risks and relying on my senses and intuition to guide me through the unknown.”

—  Robert Lewis | Director, Lunar Tribute