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Girl wearing Samsung Gear VR headset Encounter stories told in new ways, and examine how a medium shapes the message.

As an anthropologist, Margaret Mead documented cultures and helped viewers connect to communities around the world, using the groundbreaking medium of her time—film. Building on the spirit of her cutting-edge work, experience how today’s new media—virtual reality, augmented reality, and more—are being used to encounter diverse stories.


Wapi Utamaduni? (Where is the Culture?)  Presented by Jacklyn Lacey, Unambwe Mafie, Natalia Rodríguez Nuñez

In this immersive 360-degree short, WaMeru tribe elders and youth share stories, along with the process of creating a local tribal museum in Tanzania that preserves and features their long-neglected history.


Ethno/Graphics Library

Browse a variety of graphic novels that provide a new lens on cultural stories. Join us for office hours to meet media makers and experts and ask your questions about these unique storytelling modes.


World Premiere: Sensations of Sound  
Presented by The New York Times

For those who are deaf, music is not just about sound. In this immersive virtual reality experience, the scholar Rachel Kolb shares her experience of hearing music for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant.

Available for download as 360 video on the NYT VR app next month. 

Download the NYT VR app for more stories like this. 


Gear VR headsets provided courtesy of Samsung

“Sensations of Sound” powered by Lytro. 

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