Towards Life: Reviving Jewish Life in Contemporary Poland

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the return_mead2014

Did you see Adam Zucker’s film, The Return, at this year's Mead?  – Join the film's protagonists for a panel discussion at YIVO, entitled Towards Life: Reviving Jewish Life in Contemporary Poland where Polish journalist and scholar Konstanty Gebert and novelist Piotr Pazinski - who both appeared in Zucker's film - will be in attendance; the film's protagonist Tusia will be there as well.

How can a culture flourish when its members are less than 1% of a population? This fall, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews unveils its core exhibition against a backdrop of nearly 20 Jewish festivals in Poland, and the proliferation of Jewish-themed art, Jewish Studies departments, bookstores, and Jewish-style restaurants. Yet Poland’s Jewish population is only 25,000. How do we interpret this phenomenon? Scholars Konstanty Gebert (European Council on Foreign Relations), Geneviève Zubrzycki (University of Michigan), and Samuel Kassow, moderator (Trinity College), and artists Katka Reszke (writer and filmmaker) and Piotr Paziński (novelist) discuss the needs of the Polish Jewish community, the reasons for Poles’ increasing interest in Jewish culture, and the complicated use of the word “revival” in connection to Jewish life in Poland today. For those interested, there will be a discussion following this program in the Great Hall.