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Tickets Available Now for The Mead Film Festival

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The Margaret Mead Film Festival returns this fall. Join us beginning October 13 for a four-day-long film festival celebrating the groundbreaking spirit of legendary Museum anthropologist Margaret Mead.

The Mead Film Festival is all about connections, and in 2016, with the theme “Re:Frame,” we seek to reconnect, rediscover our common humanity, and rethink how we see the world around us. This year’s festival invites participants to explore new cultural perspectives while critically examining their own points of view.

Revolution in Four Seasons
The 2016 Margaret Mead Film Festival opens October 13 with the US premiere of A Revolution in Four Seasons.
© J. Deeter

This year’s Mead kicks off on October 13 with the US premiere of A Revolution in Four Seasons on opening night. This timely and insightful documentary traces the paths of journalist Emna Ben Jemaa and Islamist politician Jawhara Ettis—two Tunisian women publicly envisioning very different dreams for the future of their nation in the wake of the Arab Spring. 

Indivisible Shot
Indivisible makes its New York premiere on Sunday, October 16, to close the 2016 Margaret Mead Film Festival.
© H. Linder

In A Revolution in Four Seasons, the festival closer Indivisible, and the the dozens of other short- and feature-length documentaries in between, the stories told at the Mead are both surprising and deeply relatable. Viewers will find the familiar in far-flung communities and discover empathy for people whose choices and circumstances feel unfathomable.

Flickering Truth
A Flickering Truth is one of eleven contenders for the 2016 Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award.
© J. Bryant

And as ever, the Mead takes you beyond the screen. Visitors can see an installation by Samoan artist Dan Taulapapa McMullin in the Museum’s Grand Gallery and experience how new technologies are transforming filmmaking in the Virtual Reality Lounge. Filmmakers will also be on hand for panel discussions and intimate conversations with audiences. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning your festival experience. Visit to see what’s playing and buy your tickets today.