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Melba Joyce Salutes Our Jazz Elders For Global Weekends

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Anyone who has listened to jazz — a uniquely American musical form that is fundamentally interpretive, improvisational and creative — will describe the way it seems to stimulate the mind. And in recent years, new scientific research has shown that improvisation really does activate the parts of the brain that enhance self-expression and lower inhibitions.

On Saturday, February 19, from 12:30 to 5 pm, the American Museum of Natural History will honor jazz’s trailblazing artists and musicians and highlight the ways jazz can stimulate and enhance the brain with a special Global Weekends event, Saluting Our Jazz Elders, which will feature performances by celebrated jazz vocalist Melba Joyce, New Amsterdam Music Association, Joey Morant, and McCollough Sons of Thunder, as well as conversations throughout the day with Robert O’Meally, co-founder of the Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University about the connections between jazz, the brain, and education.

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Drepung Loseling Monastery Monks Kick Off Global Weekends Event

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On Tuesday, January 25, the Museum kicked off the six-day Global Weekends: Brain and the Tibetan Creative Mind program with a traditional opening ceremony performed by monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery. Known in Tibet as Sa-chong, the ceremony, which includes chants, music, and mantras, prepared the area for the creation of a sand mandala. Over the next four days, the monks will complete the “Medicine Buddha” sand mandala in the Hall of  Birds of the World.

Visit the Museum to see a traditional cham performance, learn about Tibetan arts, watch the making of the sand mandala, and more. The full schedule is available here. And, check out the clip of Tuesday’s opening ceremony below.

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