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From the Collections posts Fossil Sharks, Ammonites Among Additions to Paleo Collection Thanks to a major donation from Ohio University, 15,000 pounds of marine fossils hundreds of millions years old recently have been... April 16, 2014 From the Collections posts Passenger Pigeons: Gone Today but Once Abundant The passenger pigeon was once so abundant that migrating flocks could the sky for several days. February 18, 2014 From the Collections posts Curare Pot on Display in The Power of Poison Learn more about a curare pot, on display in the special exhibition The Power of Poison, now open at the Museum. January 13, 2014 From the Collections posts Natural Histories: Pith Paper Butterfly Souvenirs Among the Museum library’s rare books is a Chinese silk-covered album containing over 100 beautiful hand-painted butterflies on a... December 10, 2013 From the Collections posts A Born Mimic: Toxic Robber Fly Mimics Tarantula Hawk Wasp The robber fly Wyliea mydas mimics lethal tarantula hawks to dupe and deflect predators. November 14, 2013 From the Collections posts Inside the Collections: Pacific Peoples There are 26,000 objects in the Museum's Pacific Peoples collections, with about 2,000 on display in the Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific... October 11, 2013 From the Collections posts Behind the Scenes in the Pacific Northwest Coast Peoples Collections Join Curator Peter Whiteley on a video tour of the Museum's Pacific Northwest Coast collections. May 9, 2013 From the Collections posts Wooden Ifugao Figures from Anthropology's Philippines Collection The Ifugao people keep carved wooden bulul figures, representing deities, to protect their fields and granaries. January 28, 2013 From the Collections posts The Museum's Giant Squid The Museum's giant squid (Architeuthis kirkii) specimen is one of few housed in a museum in North America. January 24, 2013 From the Collections posts Beetle-Wing Body Art: Shuar Ear Ornaments The Shuar people of the upper Amazon adorn themselves with ornaments made from materials found in the surrounding rain forest. May 17, 2012 From the Collections posts Curious Collections: Identifying a Rare Bird Ornithologists generally discover new species by collecting them in the wild. But early in the 20th century, Museum ornithologist... February 21, 2012 From the Collections posts Cycle of Life Curator Laurel Kendall was visiting Vietnam to collect artifacts for the 2003 exhibition Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit... February 14, 2012