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Q&As Digital Universe: The Data Behind the Dazzle Each of the approximately 4000 bright specks projected onto the Dome to visualize the night sky is backed by hard data. October 9, 2013 Q&As Think Fast! Sackler Brain Bench – Neuroscience of Sports: Your Brain in Action   September 4, 2013 Q&As Brilliant Blunders: A Q&A with Mario Livio Even geniuses make mistakes. That’s the reassuring message of the engrossing new book by theoretical astrophysicist Mario Livio. June 3, 2013 Q&As Sake Secrets: A Q&A with Timothy Sullivan Timothy Sullivan of urbansake.com discusses his love of sake, sometimes called the “drink of the gods.” May 10, 2013 Q&As The Power of Beauty: A Q&A with Model and Journalist Gail O'Neill This Saturday, at 1 pm, model and journalist Gail O’Neill will moderate a Museum panel on the Power of Beauty, at Expressions of... April 25, 2013 Q&As Talking Whales: Giants of the Deep with Exhibition Curator John Flynn We recently spoke with Dr. John Flynn about the his fieldwork in South America, and his sightings of whales in the wild. March 22, 2013 Q&As Cooking, Deliciously, with Common Weeds: A Q&A with Tama Matsuoka Wong Tama Matsuoka Wong did not set out to be a forager. But over time she developed an obsession for eating wild plants. March 18, 2013 Q&As Pelican Island at 110 Years On March 14, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt issued an executive order setting aside Pelican Island, Florida, as the very first... March 14, 2013 Q&As The Hidden Forces That Shape What We Eat: A Q&A with Frederick Kaufman   February 28, 2013 Q&As The Joy of Cooking's Family History In the Museum's new special exhibition Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture, an early edition of the American classic Joy of... December 7, 2012 Q&As New Findings About Mysterious Mercury: Event Monday, 11/5 Sean Solomon is a principal investigator for the MESSENGER spacecraft, which entered Mercury’s orbit in March 2011. November 2, 2012 Q&As Explore Exoplanets with Emily Rice Over the last few years, the search for planets that revolve around stars other than our Sun—known as exoplanets—has accelerated... October 15, 2012