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Q&As Remembering Lonesome George On Sunday, the tree of life lost another member: Lonesome George, the famed last survivor of the Pinta Island tortoises (Chelonoidis... June 28, 2012 Q&As SciCafe: Forgetting Fear with Daniela Schiller A neuroscientist discusses her work on the mechanisms of emotional control, and potential ways to modify fear memories. June 1, 2012 Q&As Puppet Theater "Luna's Sea" Comes To Museum This Mother’s Day weekend, travel from the shores of Africa to the deep-sea habitats of bioluminescent creatures with a live puppet... May 9, 2012 Q&As A Taste of Tequila and Chili Peppers Chili peppers, a spicy fruit featured in cuisines around the world, were used in Mexico long before going global, as was the agave-derived... April 30, 2012 Q&As Celebrating New Orleans with Delfeayo Marsalis Jazz trombonist and music producer Delfeayo Marsalis answered a few questions about his music. April 23, 2012 Q&As A Day of Deep-Sea Cameras and Creatures in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life From fireflies to jellyfishes, an astonishing range of animals create their own light. On Sunday, April 22, kids can explore activity... April 20, 2012 Q&As Imaging Japan’s Earthquake: Q&A with Miaki Ishii   April 17, 2012 Q&As Celebrate Earth Day From Outer Space For Earth Day 2012, the Museum hosted a planetarium event that took viewers into space, to view Earth as only astronauts have seen... April 16, 2012 Q&As Tracking Asteroids with Richard Binzel Richard Binzel evaluates the threat of asteroids and makes a case for how they might actually be useful to humans. April 10, 2012 Q&As From Beaks to Genes: Chris Filardi on Island Birds and Biology Filardi answered our questions about the role islands play in understanding speciation, or how new species arise. April 2, 2012 Q&As Q&A with Ian Tattersall: Masters of the Planet Ian Tattersall offers a look at early human ancestors, and how our species came to rule the planet. March 27, 2012 Q&As Ira Flatow: Science Friday at the Museum Flatow spoke with the Museum in advance of a special taping of Science Friday. March 23, 2012