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Q&As The Parent-Child Bond: Q&A with Guest Lecturer The effects of a parent’s bond with a child have been a popular topic in the news. But what does the science say? March 13, 2012 Q&As Extremophiles and Life Beyond Earth Research about organisms that can weather Earth’s harshest environments has broadened ideas of where living things can thrive. On... March 8, 2012 Q&As Wylie Dufresne Talks Chemistry and Creativity Molecular gastronomy is a branch of food science that explores how chemical processes transform ingredients. Chefs like Wylie Dufresne... March 1, 2012 Q&As Using Snake Venom Protein to Fight Cancer While “snake oil” is shorthand for false cure, snake venom may have real healing power. At March 7’s SciCafe, From Poison to Panacea:... March 1, 2012 Q&As John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon On Monday, March 5, 2012, John Logsdon, space history and policy expert and former director of the Space Policy Institute at George... February 28, 2012 Q&As Animal Drawing: Q&A with Diorama Artist Steve Quinn Artist Stephen C. Quinn is an expert on dioramas who teaches the art of nature drawing at the Museum. February 23, 2012 Q&As New Media at the Museum Panelists will gather for a panel discussion of how social media change the landscape of science communication. February 14, 2012 Q&As Science Writer Carl Zimmer on Blogs, Books, and Tattoos When science writer Carl Zimmer noticed some scientists sporting serious tattoos, he wondered how many others enjoyed highbrow body... February 8, 2012 Q&As A Historical Tour of Aphrodisiacs with Francine Segan In honor of Valentine’s Day, food historian Francine Segan discusses foods considered to have seductive properties throughout time. February 1, 2012 Q&As Dimitar Sasselov on the Exoplanet Revolution Harvard astronomer Dimitar Sasselov discusses exoplanets and the possibility of life beyond Earth. January 31, 2012 Q&As Improv at the Museum: Story Pirates Q&A Story Pirate Sam Reiff-Pasarew recently answered a few questions about the troupe's show at the Museum. January 27, 2012 Q&As Fly With NASA’s Missions, Past and Future Museum scientists answer questions about their experiences in the Hayden Planetarium, and their favorite NASA milestones. January 24, 2012
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