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News posts September 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History New drop-in hours for the Discovery Room, a new giant-screen film, and new Member entrance. September 4, 2018 News posts Celebrate Labor Day Weekend 2018 at the Museum Take a trip to the Amazon, dive beneath the oceans’ waves, and drop into the Discovery Room this Labor Day weekend. August 31, 2018 News posts Gaia Mission Data Leads to Discovery of New Stellar “Swarms” in Our Galaxy A new study from a Museum researcher and colleagues has identified stars of similar ages in our galaxy that may shed light on the... August 29, 2018 News posts Know Your Sauropod The world’s largest dinosaurs were extraordinary animals. Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of sauropod species and features. August 13, 2018 News posts Ancient Artifacts from the Ancestral Puebloan Peoples A new exhibit in the Grand Gallery features archaeological artifacts from the American Southwest that offer clues about ancient long-distance... August 7, 2018 News posts A Guide to Sharks at the Museum From a fluorescent chain catshark model in the special exhibition Unseen Oceans to a life-size whale shark model in the Milstein... July 26, 2018 News posts The Scientific Legacy of the Apollo 11 Mission Learn how experiments from NASA’s first successful manned mission to the Moon continue to shape our understanding of the universe. July 20, 2018 News posts Take a Trip to the Amazon This Weekend at the Museum See the giant-screen film Amazon Adventure and find out how one explorer's expedition to the rainforest helped prove Darwin's theory... July 13, 2018 News posts Explore Updated Exhibits in the Hall of Planet Earth This Weekend at the Museum Be among the first to see our new installation on climate change. July 6, 2018 News posts Celebrate Independence Day at the American Museum of Natural History Looking for an extra-special way to celebrate the holiday? The Museum is open and ready to delight from morning to the twilight’s... July 3, 2018 News posts July 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History This month at the Museum there are special programs galore from longer hours in the Discovery Room to the history and astronomy of... July 2, 2018 News posts Bright Colors Let Milksnakes Hide in Plain Sight Species in the genus Lampropeltis boast bright patterns that mimic those of venomous coral snakes and provide camouflage on the forest... June 29, 2018
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