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News Posts Gaia Mission Data Leads to Discovery of New Stellar “Swarms” in Our Galaxy A new study from a Museum researcher and colleagues has identified stars of similar ages in our galaxy that may shed light on the... August 29, 2018 News Posts Know Your Sauropod The world’s largest dinosaurs were extraordinary animals. Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of sauropod species and features. August 13, 2018 News Posts Ancient Artifacts from the Ancestral Puebloan Peoples A new exhibit in the Grand Gallery features archaeological artifacts from the American Southwest that offer clues about ancient long-distance... August 7, 2018 News Posts A Guide to Sharks at the Museum It's always #SharkWeek at the Museum! Find out where to see the whale shark, the fluorescent chain catshark, mako, and more. July 26, 2018 News Posts Bright Colors Let Milksnakes Hide in Plain Sight Species in the genus Lampropeltis boast bright patterns that mimic those of venomous coral snakes and provide camouflage on the forest... June 29, 2018 News Posts Antarctica’s Wealth of Ammonites To close out Cephalopod Week, a paleontologist reveals why Antarctica is awash with fossils of these ancient shelled mollusks. June 22, 2018 News Posts Museum Scientists Share Their Tips for Identification Day See items from the collections and bring your own specimen to be identified. June 13, 2018 News Posts Butterfly Vivarium Closing Out 20th Season Meet three extraordinary naturalists who’ve been looking after butterflies—and visitors—in The Butterfly Conservatory every season... May 25, 2018 News Posts New Tools for Monitoring Arctic Wildlife A survey conducted in the Arctic measured animals’ responses to unmanned aircraft systems used by researchers. May 21, 2018 News Posts Four Reasons Why Students Stick to STEM In a new study, Museum educators studied alumni of the long-running Lang Science Program to pinpoint what drives students to pursue... May 10, 2018 News Posts In the Deep Ocean, Hotspots of Life Scientists are uncovering a rich diversity of life in marine ecosystems miles below the surface. April 25, 2018 News Posts Ocean Canyons and Volcanoes Reveal Clues About Our Dynamic Planet Ever-changing seafloor helps researchers learn more about our planet’s geographical features—and even about distant worlds. April 18, 2018
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