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News Posts Behind the Scenes: Making Our Senses’ Larger-Than-Life Meadow Here’s how Museum preparators created larger-than-life models to give visitors to Our Senses an insect’s-eye view of the world. January 17, 2018 News Posts To Hunt, the Platypus Uses Its Electric Sixth Sense Platypus bills are lined with thousands of sensitive cells, which these egg-laying mammals use to detect signals produced by prey... January 12, 2018 News Posts UV Vision Helps Caribou Spot Food in Arctic Snow These mammals’ major winter food source, lichens, doesn’t reflect UV light. So, to caribou, their next meal stands out in the highly-reflective... January 5, 2018 News Posts The Science Behind Singing Mice and Laughing Rats Researchers are listening in as mice and rats communicate using ultrasonic vocalizations that, when slowed down, sound like songs—and... December 26, 2017 News Posts Fire Chaser Beetles Sense Heat from Miles Away Beetles of the genus Melanophila use infrared sensing to locate forest fires and find burnt trees in which to lay their eggs. December 22, 2017 News Posts When Stars Shine Too Bright, Coronagraph "Sees" Past Glare To improve their view of the universe, astronomers are using special tools to filter out starlight. December 18, 2017 News Posts For Squirrel Monkeys, Full-Color Vision is a Female-Only Trait Even within the same species, individuals see the world differently. And among squirrel monkeys, males lack a gene that distinguishes... December 15, 2017 News Posts Expert Tips for Viewing Sunrise Manhattanhenge Lots to see in the skies this weekend, as the Sun aligns with Manhattan’s street grid at dawn on Saturday and the SuperMoon will... December 1, 2017 News Posts Sluggish Sloths Have Little Use for Balance The slow-moving sloth doesn’t have much need for balance. So its internal motion sensor, the inner ear, is deteriorating. December 1, 2017 News Posts Find Out What It Takes to Be a Science Teacher at the MAT Program’s Open House You too could spend a summer doing research with Museum scientists while earning a Master’s degree in teaching. November 30, 2017 News Posts Why Penguins Can Only Taste Salty and Sour Foods Most vertebrates—including humans—can taste sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami. But penguins seem to have lost the receptors for... November 22, 2017 News Posts That Time a Giant Dinosaur Balloon Was Inflated Inside the American Museum of Natural History The Museum is closed on Thursday as the Thanksgiving Day parade kicks off outside our steps on 77th Street. See if you can spot the... November 22, 2017
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