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News posts New Technologies are Revealing More of the Seafloor Than Ever Before Researchers are using techniques like sonar to create detailed maps of the vast unknown world beneath the ocean’s surface. April 11, 2018 News posts Top Questions About Our Senses Answered In the exhibition, live presenters host interactive sessions and field visitors’ queries every day. We asked one live presenter to... April 6, 2018 News posts April 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History This April, celebrate planet Earth with a Museum-wide festival of art, science, and culture. April 2, 2018 News posts Explore Earth’s Relationship to the Sun This Weekend at the Museum From hands-on activities in the Cullman Hall of the Universe to a 3D film in the LeFrak Theater, there's something for everyone to... March 23, 2018 News posts Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein The legendary scientist would have turned 139 today. Here’s a look back at a few of his birthdays (one included a cake decorated... March 14, 2018 News posts Dive into Unseen Oceans or Explore the Amazon This Weekend at the Museum The new exhibition Unseen Oceans opens for Member Previews, and a new giant-screen film about the Amazon begins screening in the... March 9, 2018 News posts How to Tag a Whale Attaching high-tech tags to whales takes careful timing—and a long stick! March 7, 2018 News posts March 2018 Programs at the American Museum of Natural History This March, visitors are invited to explore a marvelous, alien world right here on Earth in the special exhibition Unseen Oceans. March 2, 2018 News posts What Do Whales Do All Day? New Tech Lets Researchers Tag Along Scientists are using high-tech tags to study the daily behaviors of whales, from feeding patterns to travel speeds. February 28, 2018 News posts Explore the Latest Ocean Technology at Sunday's Milstein Science Series See how scientists are using submersibles, robots, and more to explore the world’s vast oceans at Sunday's family-friendly program. February 23, 2018 News posts Most of the Oceans’ Fishes are Part-Time Plankton Did you know? Even big fish like the blue marlin begin life as tiny drifting larvae. February 21, 2018 News posts For Plankton, One Size Doesn’t Fit All From tiny diatoms to the Portuguese man o’ war, these marine drifters come in many diverse forms. February 16, 2018
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